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What is the game about?

Through the Darkest of Times (TtDoT) is a strategy game, that lets you play a resistance group in Berlin during the Third Reich. 

What is my role?

You play a resistance leader and plan and execute actions to win supporters and weaken the regime.  You need to balance the morale of your members, get resources to execute actions and avoid getting caught by the Gestapo.

Can I play a specific resistance group like the White Rose?

Members are fictional and the game creates them procedurallyon each playthrough, giving them different personalities, abilities and views. 
While you aren't playing as a specific historical organization, there were a number of groups that were very similar to the ones in the game, such as the Schulze-Boysen-Harnack group or the one around Herbert Baum.

How is the game structured?

The game plays in turns and chapters. Every turn is one week and every chapter is covering a specific period of the Third Reich: Seizure of Power (1933), Peak (1936), War (1940/1941), Collapse (1944/1945).

Can I change history?

We are convinced, that history is an extraction of stories that people experience and create with their thoughts, words and deeds. So yes, you can. 

And in the game.

Who is the Team?

We are two ex-AAA developers who met at YAGER, making Spec Ops The Line. We also worked on Dead Island 2, Dreadnought, Albion Online, Drakensang, Yager (the game), Desperados 2 and others.
Jörg Friedrich does Design and Code and Sebastian Schulz does Art and Design.
Each of us has been making games for more than 13 years and we worked 10 of those together.

What's the state of the game?

We have an early playable version that people can try at events like Gamescom, EGX or Polish Games Arena. This helps us to collect feedback and constantly improve the game. 
The current version covers the first of four chapters with some of the gameplay still lacking.  

Since October 2018 TtDoT has a publisher: German games industry veteran HANDYGAMES is now publishing Through the Darkest of Times!
Hooray! \o/
This allows us to make it the game we always envisioned it to be..